1. Technical terms:

1.1 All intermediate material, such as frames, film, drawings, etc. for the manufacture of products in a given order, that is not delivered by the customer, shall remain the property of the printing house.

2. Quotations

2.1 Quotations are binding for 14 days after being submitted in writing. 
2.2 A delivery agreement has been concluded on receipt of the buyer’s acceptance. 
2.3 If the buyer has requested the preparation of creative proposals, original material or similar, the seller is entitled to require payment for this work.

3. Price

3.1 All prices are stated excluding VAT and delivery. 
3.2 In the event of increases in wages and salaries, materials, public taxes or other costs during the period up to the performance of the delivery, the supplier is entitled to adjust the prices by any such documented increases. On the other hand, the buyer is entitled to a reduction of prices if these factors have shown a decrease during the period from acceptance until performance of the delivery. 
3.3 In addition to the offered or agreed price, the supplier is entitled to require payment for:
• Extra work if the basic material that the requester has given the supplier proves to be incomplete, unsuitable or deficient.
• Extra work if the buyer orders corrections or changes to the material delivered after the work has commenced.
• Overtime and other measures agreed with the requester after the conclusion of the agreement.
• Extra work if the agreement cannot beexecuted in one continuous production, due to the circumstances of the requester.


4. Delivery

4.1 Delivery takes place at the time agreed with the requester, but with reservation for any impediments or delays that are due to:
• Actions or omissions of the requester.
• The circumstances stated in clause (3.3).
4.2 In the event of these delays, the supplier is entitled to extend the delivery time, or to cancel the agreement. 
4.3 If no delivery time has been agreed in advance, the supplier shall determine the delivery time.

5. Payment

5.1 Payment shall take place either on the date stated on the quotation, order confirmation or invoice as the final due payment date, or in cash on receipt. 
5.2 Interest shall accrue as from the due date at the interest rate applied by the supplier at any time. 
5.3 At the supplier’s request, the requester is obliged, at any time, to provide a bank guarantee as security for payment. 
5.4 If the request is submitted after the conclusion of the agreement, the supplier is obliged to exempt the requester for any related costs.

6. Right of ownership, copyright, etc.

6.1 The copyright to the preliminary work and concepts, creative proposals, original materials, etc. developed by the supplier shall belong to the supplier and may not be transferred to any third party without the consent of the supplier. 
6.2 Any preliminary work that the supplier has performed, or has had performed, between products, materials, tools, etc. for use in the delivery, shall be the property of the supplier. This shall apply irrespective of whether such items have been invoiced on a separate basis. 

6.3 The items stated in clause 6.2. may solely be used for work on behalf of the requester, and shall only be stored by separate agreement.

7. Delay

7.1 In the event of any delay, subject to the reservation in accordance with clause (4.1), the requester is only entitled to terminate the agreement on the condition that, on the conclusion of the agreement, he emphasised the importance of delivery taking place at a specific time.

8. Defects

8.1 The supplier is not liable for any errors that have not been corrected by the requester in writing in connection with proofreading, including prints, digital information, blueprints and similar. 
8.2 The requester is not entitled to any price reduction, or to refuse to accept delivery of the items ordered, in the event of minor deviations from an approved sample or specification. 
8.3 The supplier is entitled to a larger or smaller delivery at up to 10 per cent of the agreed run. 
8.4 The requester is responsible for invoking any defective delivery immediately. If no complaint is made, or the requester complains too late, the requester loses the access to invoke the defect. The supplier is entitled to rectify a defect if this can take place within a reasonable time. 
8.5 The supplier is not liable for any errors or defects that can be attributed to requester’s defective further use, such as the assembly of products delivered, just as the supplier can only be held liable for the value of the product delivered.

9. Liability

9.1 In the event of delays or defects in the delivered items, the supplier shall not hold any liability if a delay or defect is due to:
• Defects in or damage to production equipment that can be proved to have caused the delay in or damage to production.
• Labour conflicts of any kind.
• Any circumstances beyond the supplier’s control, such as fire, water damage, natural disasters, war, mobilisation, or unforeseen military conscription on an equivalent scale, requisitioning, seizure, riots, unrest, currency restrictions, lack of transport, general shortage of goods, export and import bans, and other similar force majeure situations.
9.2 The supplier is not liable for the requester’s operating losses, loss of profits, or other indirect losses, including losses as a consequence of the requester’s legal position vis-à-vis any third party; cf. clause 9.3, however, in the event of any delays or defects in the items delivered. 
9.3 The supplier is never liable for damage to the products of the requester or other parties. 
9.4 The supplier is not liable for any lack of authority of the requester for the reproduction, duplication or publication of printed matter, images, drawings, patterns, illustrations, texts, trademarks, other business logos and other goods equipment, including design or other measures, that ay be subject to the rights of third parties. If the supplier incurs liability to a third party due to the requester’s lack of authority to utilise any rights held by a third party, the requester shall indemnify the supplier for any such liability. 
9.5 The supplier is not liable for any loss or damage to property, such as originals, materials, etc. that does not belong to the supplier, but has been entrusted to the supplier by the requester in order to perform an agreed assignment. The supplier is liable, however, if it is proved that the loss or damage is due to gross negligence on the part of the supplier or its staff. The requester itself must arrange the insurance of the item against damage and destruction.

10. Sub-suppliers

10.1 The supplier is entitled to allow part or all of the work to be performed by sub-suppliers.

11. Danish Sale of Goods Act

11.1 This agreement shall be subject to Danish legislation, including the Sale of Goods Act, to the extent that the legal position is not laid down in the text of the agreement, or in these General Terms of Sale and Delivery. Any dispute concerning the interpretation of the agreement, or the fulfilment and enforcement of the terms, may solely be brought before the courts of Denmark, in accordance with the Danish rules concerning legal venue. 
These terms and conditions are in force as from 1/1 2006 and replace any previous versions. 


It is your responsibility to check received transfers for errors of any kind, i.e. size, colours and logo design before you begin assembly. 

In the unlikely event that there are adhesion problems with the received transfers, you should contact NS System A/S immediately. Note that NS System will only replace a maximum of two pieces of textile, and only if it can be demonstrated that the error is due to circumstances attributable to errors in our production process


The Customer is responsible for informing persons mentioned in printed matter in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. This applies both to disclosure requirements regarding the Supplier's production and the subsequent storage of the task


All prices are excl. VAT and delivery. We reserve the right to make changes to prices. We accept no responsibility for printing errors