Textile printing with focus on the environment

Environment and climate are at the heart of our commitment to responsible production.

We are conscious of the significant impact our industry has on the environment. That's why we have a long-term vision to inspire an industry-wide transition to responsible practices in textile production and printing.

Every step from material selection to the printing process is designed with environmental impact minimized in mind. This underscores our dedication to integrating responsibility into every aspects of our business.

We prioritize transparency and responsibility towards our customers by informing about our environmental practices, gentle materials and responsible production methods, thus strengthening trust.

At NS System, it's not just about delivering products, it's about establishing a partnership based on trust, transparency and accountability.

Since 2021, we have only used electricity produced by wind turbines.

By 2026, all company cars at NS System must be electric vehicles.

We prioritize the buy-and-keep culture and provide a lifetime guarantee on logo print.

We are ISO14001:2015 certified and take environmental management seriously.

Lifetime guarantee on logo print
from NS System

With lifetime guarantee on logo print, you are ensured the absolute highest quality on the market. This means that the logo print will last the lifetime of the textile and always appear extremely sharp, and the logo will never tear or crack - even after numerous times of wear and washing. The guarantee applies to ElastoSoft and UltraFlex.

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We contribute to a greener environment

Danmark redder jord | NS System bakker op om den vilde natur

Knivholt afforestation

About a fifth of Denmark's animal and plant species lack habitat because there is a lack of forest. Something must be done, which is why Knivholt Hovedgård is raising 6 hectares of new forest. We support the project in order to realize the forest faster.

Danmark redder jord | Den vilde natur | NS System bakker op om projektet

Denmark saves land

Approximately one in five animal and plant species is in danger of disappearing in Denmark, because only 3% of our forests consist of wild nature. The wild nature is home to many animal species and provides a good breeding ground for the Danish plant species.

Hals Mose

Hals Mose | Genetablering af Hals Mose | Flere levesteder for dyr og planter | NS System støtter projektet

More wild nature = more habitats for animals and plants. More habitats are a necessity, which is why we are supporting a project in Hals. It is a project to restore 180 hectares of marsh in which animal and plant life can live.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

To ensure we make a difference to the world we live in, we have chosen to focus on UN sustainable development goals 12, 13, 14, 15.

FNs verdensmål 12 | Ansvarlig forbrug og produktion | Fokus på holdbarhed for tekstiltryk | NS System

Responsible Consumption and Production


At NS System, we need to move towards only using environmentally friendly and organic commercial goods which fully or partially are made from recycling, both with respect to textiles and also the raw materials for production of logo prints. We focus on durability, which should lead to fewer products being thrown away, and we also recycle all our paper, cardboard and plastic.

FN Verdensmål 13 | Klimaindsats | Logotryk på tekstiler med fokus på miljø | NS System

Climate Action


We will reduce our CO2 emissions using renewable energy and by avoiding fuel, and we will use renewable energy that is CO2 neutral when possible. We will take responsibility and do our part. We focus on the environment.

Life Below Water


FNs verdensmål 14 | Livet i havet | Vandbaserede farver til logotryk | NS System

At NS System, we are constantly working to find the raw materials that provide the best quality for our products and which are the best on the market when it comes to having the least impact on the environment. We mainly use water-based colors to make our logo prints, and of course we comply with all the requirements of the authorities about what we are allowed to derive, so that we do not harm marine life.

FNs verdensmål 15 | Livet på land | Tekstiltryk med fokus på miljø | NS System

Life on Land


We constantly focus on working with and finding new raw materials that are not harmful to life on land. We do not use harmful chemicals in our production, and all our electrical power comes from Danish wind turbines. The vast majority of our logo prints are made with water-based colours, and we try to reduce our impact on the earth's ecosystem. We always have the environment in mind.

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