Workwear with logo print

At NS System you can choose from many different types of workwear with logo print. Whether your workwear has to withstand hard wear, is highly stretchable or something else, you will find a logo print to match the textile at NS System. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the ElastoSoft and UltraFlex products.

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Workwear and logo print that match

At NS System, you can get logo prints that fit all types of workwear, and you can get a lifetime guarantee on the logo print when you choose either ElastoSoft or UltraFlex.

When choosing a logo print on workwear, it is important to consider the following:

- The extent to which the workwear is subjected to hard wear
- Should the workwear be industrially washed or otherwise washed
- Is the workwear stretchable
- Do you want a lifetime guarantee on the logo print
- Is there a need for OEKO-TEX® certified logo print

Stretchy workwear is becoming more popular because it is comfortable to wear. For this type of workwear, we recommend ElastoSoft as it is the most stretchable print on the market. In addition, ElastoSoft has a high wear resistance and opacity, and the product can withstand repeated washing and tumble drying. We guarantee that the ElastoSoft logo print will last the lifetime of the textile.

Logo print for workwear that is subject to hard wear

We recommend UltraFlex for workwear that is subject to hard wear. UltraFlex is extremely durable and is our most durable transfer. It is the best choice when it comes to workwear and other textiles that is subject to excessive wear and industrial washing. At the same time, it is an all-round transfer that can be applied to many different types of textiles.

It wears hard on both textile and logo print when the clothes are industrially washed and tumble dried at high temperatures. Therefore, choose UltraFlex or ElastoSoft.

UltraFlex is the optimal choice for workwear because the product:
- has a lifetime guarantee
- is tested by industrial laundries with impressive results
- is the most durable logo print on the market
- has good opacity
- is certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, class 1, annex 6, certificate 1776-277.

ElastoSoft is suitable for workwear because the product:
- has a lifetime guarantee
- is tested by industrial laundries with impressive results
- is the most stretchable logo print on the market
- can print details as small as 1 mm in thickness
- is certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, class 1, annex 6, certificate 1776-277.

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Reflex print on workwear

You can also choose reflex print on your workwear. It is both visible and safe.

Reflex from NS System is produced in a reflective material that is EN ISO 20471 certified. This means that the product meets the requirements for reflective material used on workwear.

The certification also means that the reflective ability of the transfer has been tested to be able to withstand a minimum of 25 washes at 60°.

In addition, Reflex has a high opacity and good wear resistance. You can choose reflex both as a name print and as a logo.

Textiles for logo print

Workwear jackets

NS System offers workwear jackets for professional use from a variety of suppliers. We can help you with both ordering og workwear jackets and production of logo print.

Workwear pants

Find your workwear pants for both work and leisure at one of our many textile suppliers. Whether you need durable workwear pants or workwear pants with great stretchability, we have the product for you.


Classic high quality sweatshirts and hoodies for all types of work wear. We offer a large selection of styles in many different colors for both women and men. For all models you can apply logo print.


The T-shirt is absolutely indispensable as workwear. We offer many different colors and models. You can also choose OEKO-TEX® certified T-shirts that you can combine with water-based logo prints.


Find your beanies at NS System. You can choose from many models, including knitted beanies with Thinsulate, beanies with reflective stripes, cotton beanies, fleece beanies, X-tubes and much more.

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our unique service

All-in-1 solution

When you choose All-in-1, we coordinate the entire process for you - from ordering and checking textiles, production and application of logo, to packing and shipping directly to your customer, with you as the sender.

The best All-in-1 solution includes:
- Logo printing
- Textiles
- Logo application
- Personalized packing

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Lifetime guarantee on logo print
from NS System

With lifetime guarantee on logo print, you are ensured the absolute highest quality on the market. This means that the logo print will last the lifetime of the textile and always appear extremely sharp, and the logo will never tear or crack - even after numerous times of wear and washing. The guarantee applies to ElastoSoft and UltraFlex.

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