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ElastoSoft | Logotryk med livstidsgaranti | Tekstiltryk | OEKO-TEX certificeret | NS System


Oeko-Tex | ElastoSoft | Certificeret logotryk | NS System

ElastoSoft is the best all-round logo print on the market. It can be used on virtually all types of textiles, from the stretchy, heat-sensitive and tight-fitting sportswear to the dirt-repellent and robust workwear. ElastoSoft is thin, soft and extremely stretchable. The logo print will always appear sharp on the textiles. It is delivered on a transparent foil, which is removed hot, which ensures easy and efficient application.

ElastoSoft is produced with water colors and is certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, class 1, annex 6, certificate 1776-277. You get a lifetime guarantee on ElastoSoft.

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UltraFlex | Logotryk til arbejdstøj og industri | Livstidsgaranti på logotryk | OEKO-TEX certificeret | NS System


Oeko-Tex | UltraFlex | Certificeret logotryk | Tryk på tøj | NS System

UltraFlex is the industry's strongest logo print. It is a robust transfer with extreme durability, and at the same time is soft and feels comfortable against the body. UltraFlex is designed for textiles that are industrially washed, tumble dried and subjected to hard wear. It will always appear sharp and clear on the textile. The logo print is easy and quick to apply. It is delivered on a transparent foil and has no requirements for preheating or reheating.

UltraFlex is produced with water colors and is certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, class 1, annex 6, certificate 1776-277. You get a lifetime guarantee on UltraFlex.

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Oeko-Tex | ColorSoft | Certificeret logotryk | NS System

ColorSoft is a digital print with many possibilities. It is a very good solution for multi-colored logos, motifs with many colors, patterns and photos. The print has a very high degree of detail. ColorSoft allows for special and different colors. It has a high opacity and a very nice appearance. Soft and comfortable to the body, ColorSoft is often chosen for sportswear and basic clothing that is not subject to hard wear.

ColorSoft is a multi-colored water-based transfer that is produced on foil and is certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, class 1, annex 6, certificate 1776-277.

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PrintOn | Print direkte på tekstil | Print på T-shirt, sweatshirt, mulepose | Tryk på tøj | NS System


With PrintOn we print directly on textiles like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and shoppers. PrintOn has no limitations in relation to the number of colors, and you can print everything from photo-realistic images, complex patterns, artistic graphics, illustrations with color gradients and to the ordinary single and multi-color logos. PrintOn has a high level of detail and even thin lines appear sharp when printed on the textile.

PrintOn is soft and feels comfortable against the body. It has good coverage. It wears with the textile.

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QuickPrint | Logo transfer | Tryk på tøj | Tryk på T-shirt | Logotryk | NS System


QuickPrint is ideal if you need extra fast delivery and logo prints with many colors. With QuickPrint you will get your logo prints with short delivery when ordering between 5 and 100 units. The process is quick and simple since all colors are printed digitally. There are no limits on the number of colors. With QuickPrint you can expect a transfer that is stretchable and feels soft and comfortable against the body. It is heated at a low temperature, so you avoid getting shiny surfaces on most synthetic fabrics.

QuickPrint is often chosen for basic clothing like T-shirt, sweatshirt and sportswear that are not exposed to hard wear.

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Poly is the cheapest type of logo print. It is a classic all-round transfer with a very good opacity that can be applied to several different types of textile. Poly has a thick color layer, which makes the colors appear beautiful. With Poly you can create fine details in your logo, as small as 0.4 mm. Poly is a suitable logo print for caps, campaign shirts, giveaways, crew T-shirts for festivals, concerts and similar events.

Poly can be used on textiles that are not exposed to hard wear and do not need to be tumble dried. Poly is not stretchable.

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Embroidery has an exclusive and elegant look, at the same time you get a logo marking that has high opacity and high durability. We use 100% polyester thread that is chlorine genuine and can withstand industrial washing.

Embroidery is often chosen for workwear and textiles that are industrially washed, workwear that is exposed to hard wear when used and washed, as well as knitted beanies and more expensive types of textiles.

Embroidery can be used for most types of textiles.

Special products

Reflex | Logo transfer til arbejdstøj | Logotryk i reflekterende materiale | Tryk på tøj | NS System


Reflex is produced in a reflective material that is EN ISO 20471 certified. This means that the transfer meets the requirements for reflective material used on workwear. The transfer has a high covering ability, good wear resistance as well as moderate stretchability. Reflex is often chosen for workwear, running shirts and T-shirts, but the transfer can easily be used for most types of fabrics.


DigiBlock is the best digital blocker print on the market. We guarantee that it has 100% opacity. DigiBlock is perfect for logo print on softshell and sublimation dyed polyester, as you avoid the color of the fabric penetrating. With DigiBlock there is unlimited color selection and there is the possibility of making photographs as logo prints. The digital process ensures that even the finest details appear sharp on the print.

DigiBlock is a powerful transfer that is printed on foil, after which the logo is cut out. The wear resistance is moderate and it is not stretchable.

Plotter | Logotryk til spillertøj og sportstøj | Transfer til arbejdstøj | Tryk på tøj | NS System


Oeko-Tex | Plotter | Logotryk på tøj | NS System

Plotter names and numbers are cut out of a foil, after which excess material is removed. This method of production places requirements on the size of the letters. You can order from 1 unit of each name. The minimum size of letters is 10 mm. Plotter is often chosen for sport jerseys, workwear or when simply writing a jersey text, e.g. “Player of the Year”. Plotter can be supplied in Block, Glitter and Flex materials.

Plotter names Flex are certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

Back and chest numbers

If you need numbers that will last more than 1 season, we recommend that you choose ElastoSoft or Flex numbers. Both products appears sharp and withstand repeated washing and tumble drying.

Back and chest numbers are primarily used by the sports industry. At NS System we stock different types of numbers. This means that we can provide you with quick delivery. If you order before 2:00pm, we will send your numbers the same day. The stock numbers are available in ElastoSoft and Flex in black and white. They are sold in bags of 10 units.

Should you use numbers that stand out from the crowd, you can design your own. Choose the design, colors, patterns and shapes that you want and we will make it for you.

Lifetime guarantee on logo print
from NS System

With lifetime guarantee on logo print, you are ensured the absolute highest quality on the market. This means that the logo print will last the lifetime of the textile and always appear extremely sharp, and the logo will never tear or crack - even after numerous times of wear and washing. The guarantee applies to ElastoSoft and UltraFlex.

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