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Responsibility and quality since 1965

NS System provides branded textiles and logo print of the highest quality and ensures responsible and long-lasting branding for our customers.

Through decades, NS System has consistently prioritized quality at all stages of production. Our commitment is not only to provide quality products, but also to ensuring an efficient and problem-free experience for our customers.

With more than 5 million logo prints every year, daily work of 700 different logos and handling +60,000 orders annually, we combine our extensive expertise with high quality and lifetime guarantee to deliver products of the best durability on the market.


Produces 5 million logo prints per year


48,000 times a year, Customer Service takes a call


We handle 700 different logos daily

First logo print in 1965, a durable concept

“My father made his first print in 1965. The concept is still the same - to find the solution that suits your needs and in the best quality, of course. In short, our business is based on a solid understanding of your needs as a customer. We value reliability of delivery very highly, and also it is important that you experience that it is easy to be our customer.”

- Niels Rask, CEO

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Customer promises


Behaving properly is a key part of our value base. This means we listen to you, provide useful advice and ensure you get the right product for your needs - every time.

High Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize working with customer satisfaction. We always focus on your needs and challenges, and you get quick response to both emails and corrections. We take responsibility, guide, and help.


We know that fast service and short delivery are essential for you. You are always guaranteed ensure fast, competent, personal, and friendly operation - both with your online orders, designs, and proofs.

We support the sport

Aalborg Pirates

We support the sport in various areas. For several years, we have sponsored Aalborg Pirates. We are responsible for providing logo transfers and logo application on their sportswear.

Mors-Thy Handball

We sponsor Mors-Thy Handball and have done so for several years. We are proud to sponsor the North West Jutland club, which is a collaboration between the former HF Mors and Thisted IK.

Frederikshavn White Hawks

We are happy to support local initiatives. That's why we sponsor Frederikshavn White Hawks, who play in the best Danish ice hockey league. It is a team we have followed and supported for several years. We provide logo print and logo application of their sportswear.


We are extremely pleased with the cooperation with OB, where we provide logo print for the club's sportswear and merchandise. Our thin, soft and extremely stretchable logo print is a perfect match for sportswear as it can withstand the heavy-handed treatment during sports matches.

Padel Nord

Padel is a growing sport in Denmark. Our cooperation with the large-scale newly built padel center, Padel Nord in the northern part of Denmark, is a natural development of our good cooperation with the entire sports industry over many years.

We work with some of the biggest companies

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