Sportswear with logo print

At NS System you will find a wide selection of sportswear with logo print. No matter which sport you represent, we have the logo print to match it. This applies to both the colorful logo prints, the stretchable logo print for running and cycling clothing, and the classic back and chest numbers for sport jerseys.

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Sportswear and logo print that match

NS System has specialists who are among the industry's most experienced in sportswear with logo print. The quality of the print on the sport jersey must be top quality and be able to withstand heavy-handed treatment during sports matches.

You need to take into account the following when choosing logo prints for sportswear:

- Is the sportswear stretchable
- Is the sport jersey heat sensitive
- How comfortable should the logo print feel against the body
- How many colors should be included in the logo print
- Want to ensure that the logo print never cracks or falls off
- Is there a need for OEKO-TEX® certified logo print

We recommend using ElastoSoft for sportswear, as it is suitable for most types of textile and is particularly good for clothing that needs to fit close to the body or is very stretchable.

ElastoSoft is thin and soft and will always look sharp on sportswear.

Focus on quality in logo print

At NS System, we have what you need to get both the name and number on your sport jersey. We deliver to several leading elite sport clubs and a wide range of sport associations and clubs.

Sportswear and player jerseys differ from other types of textiles. They are stretchable, sweat-wicking and must be able to withstand contact sports and many washes. This places great demands on the logo print. In addition, the athlete must wear a T-shirt with a print that is comfortable to the body, the sponsor needs the logo to always appear nice, and then the sport jersey must be able to last an entire season with repeated washing.

ElastoSoft is the best logo print on the market for sportswear and you even get a lifetime guarantee on ElastoSoft.

For many years, we have focused on developing logo prints that are produced with care for the environment, the people who produce them and those who wear them on clothes. ElastoSoft is produced with water colors and is certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, class 1, annex 6, certificate 1776-277.

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Back and chest numbers for sportswear

We provide print of back and chest numbers for sport jerseys and similar sportswear. We stock a large selection of numbers that vary in size, material and design.

Back and chest numbers can be delivered in bags of 10 pieces or in sets from 1-16. We recommend that you buy the bags with 10 pieces, as this offers the greatest flexibility.

You can choose from different fonts. These are available in sizes from 5-25 cm in height in ElastoSoft, Poly and Plotter.

Textiles for logo print


The T-shirt is indispensable as sportswear. Whatever your need, we have the model and color for you. Also, we offer OEKO-TEX® certified T-shirts with certified logo print.

Sport and leisure

If you are looking for functional, breathable and comfortable sportswear, we offer a wide range of sport and leisure wear, focusing on comfort and lightweight design. All textiles are for logo print.

Sports bag

Regardless of the sport, we have the sports bag that fits your needs. This range from shoulder bags, backpacks and the classic sports bag. Combine with logo print and give the sports bag a professional look.


Cap is widely used in many different sports. At NS System we deliver a wide range of classic, trendy and fashionable caps, all of which can have logo print or embroidery.

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our unique service

All-in-1 solution

When you choose All-in-1, we coordinate the entire process for you - from ordering and checking textiles, production and application of logo, to packing and shipping directly to your customer, with you as the sender.

The best All-in-1 solution includes:
- Logo printing
- Textiles
- Logo application
- Personalized packing

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Lifetime guarantee on logo print
from NS System

With lifetime guarantee on logo print, you are ensured the absolute highest quality on the market. This means that the logo print will last the lifetime of the textile and always appear extremely sharp, and the logo will never tear or crack - even after numerous times of wear and washing. The guarantee applies to ElastoSoft and UltraFlex.

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