We can help you with any conceivable kind of print on clothing

Clothing is a broad term, and the different materials used to make different clothes have their own unique requirements with respect to process and technique if they are to last. This is because the quality of the clothes is inextricably connected to the quality of the print on clothing. No one wants their message or brand represented by a print that is faded or cracked. Therefore, you have to know a little about what you are dealing with. Textiles are one thing – but many other factors are also involved. 

Therefore, our cooperation partners make sure to always determine your needs for print on clothing before arriving at the solution that gives you the result you need. This is one reason why we dare offer the guarantee that we can deliver the absolute best quality on the market. 

Naturally, we can also handle print on basic products like T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. However, we are happy to perform printing on clothing that is more demanding. For example, this could be print on sportswear, where the mobility of the material taxes the elasticity of the print – or special work wear, where wind, weather and other external forces can cause more wear to the print than normal everyday clothing made of cotton or similar.        

Print on clothing – when the quality has to be top notch

NS System is a dedicated, specialised company with expertise in print on clothing. We understand that clothes are not just clothes, and printing on clothing is not just printing. There are different technologies and processes that need to work together with respect to the design of the clothing, the texture of the textiles, the graphical materials and, of course, the desired signal value. This is the basis for our company’s long and successful history. 

We are not simply a supplier of a standardised method of printing on clothing – we take a hard look at our customers’ situation and desires, and through dialogue, we arrive at the specific method which will produce the desired result with the best quality, every time. 

Our equipment is the latest and best-in-class on a global scale – and therefore, we are proud industry specialists who are your guarantee that you will receive a product you can be proud of. We are very aware of the importance of clothing. Therefore, we are ready to perform tasks that involve finding the right print, with respect and the highest level of professionalism. 

So, if you want the optimal effect from the print and a print quality that lasts, contact our cooperation partners. They can handle this task, backed by our help and expertise, no matter your needs or expectations. This includes expectations with respect to quality, durability, delivery, design and expression.

We are the leading specialists in print on clothing

In the 80s, we were the first in Denmark to offer heat transfer. And today, it is still a major part of the way we work to create the perfect print on clothing. However, in order to deliver the best result, it is important to keep up with developments. Which is exactly what we do. 

Today, our production is equipped with the newest tools within transfer. This applies both with respect to the equipment for printing on clothing using the ‘classic’ serigraphic method – but also with respect to more modern and advanced equipment for digital print methods, which can offer far greater detail and range of expressions. 

Within these general approaches, you can also find a great number of techniques and materials we can work with in our production. As opposed to the more general print companies, which also offer a simple service within textile printing, we are industry specialists in the production of clothing with print which builds bridges between customer wants, design and choice of production techniques and materials. This is the reason why you need to reach out to our cooperation partners if you want a product where quality is important.

Become a retailer for the market’s best quality print on clothing

If you work for a company that is interested in offering its customers the best within print on clothing, we can always help you. We ensure effective delivery within the deadlines and consistent quality assurance. We can supply company clothing for all industries, clothing with logos for all conceivable associations as well as clothes that will help you communicate a message about a campaign, etc. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to collaborate with the country’s leading specialists within print. 

Environmentally-friendly print on clothing

As one of the leading textile printing companies in the Nordic countries, we feel that we have a certain obligation to lead the way in sustainable production. Therefore, we always focus on choosing the latest, environmentally-friendly technology. 

This puts us in the best position to reach our goal printing on clothing in a way that does not harm the environment or the people involved in the process. We are able to perform the necessary controls to ensure this since we handle our own production – and actually we run entirely on sustainable wind energy.

Textile print with a focus on the environment

As one of the market-leading textile printers in Scandinavia, it is essential for us to do the best we can. This also applies when we use our resources to be frontrunners within sustainable production which is both environmentally- and people-friendly. Therefore, our production makes use of the most modern technology, which has the least possible impact on nature. The power we use comes solely from sustainable energy sources, and we have the goal of switching our entire fleet of cars to electrical vehicles during 2025. These are just some of the specific initiatives we work with every day in order to improve for the sake of the environment.