All I hear is blah blah blah....

Admit it! When the agenda says: "Today we have to talk about the company's values", you might think: "zzz ..." - And suddenly the lunch break has long prospects, despite the fact it’s presented with an energetic and enthusiastic voice.
However, we have tried spicing our values up a by adding some colors, round shapes, and a touch of humor.
With these values, we have set a course. And that is forward. With you! We are not going back, but onward and upward.
Here are our values, and what they mean to you!


We think it’s important. We strive to listen carefully and give you (honest) advice, to secure you the right product for you needs. We’ll call you if something is not right or seems off. We also take good care of each other. When you feel good, you generate extra energy for others. We have loads of surplus energy for you.



We focus on you, your needs, and your challenges only. You’ll get quick mail- and proofreading response. We are energetic problem solvers, open for any challenges, always searching for solutions. We take responsibility, guide, and help you safely through. We can’t wait to show you, how easy it is to be our customer.

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We are nerds. Nerds AND from the Northern parts of Jutland. We do things right. 
We have more that 50 years of experience in printing on textiles, with all that it entails, regarding ongoing innovation and digitalization.  We accept all challenges and always find the most cutting edge, clever solutions. Also, regarding sustainability. 

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Furiously what? Fast - of course. We have more than 50 years of experience in printing on textiles, securing you the highest quality without having to wait for ages. You’ll get swift response and speedy execution when you order our design- and proofreading service online. And delivery on time – Boom! (Who cares how great your solutions are if they are not delivered on time).


Branding on textiles is now hazzle free. We have made it super easy for you to order and design online. And to re-order via QR code. Quick response guaranteed. We proofread online, provide All-in-1 solutions, and deliver clothes, bags, umbrellas and more in our One stop shop. On top of all that: All solutions are super easy to work with. 

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When you choose the ultimate sustainable logo print-solution for your workwear, we guarantee that the print last as long, as the clothes do. It might be a bit pricier. But it pays of in the long run. Because it means that we consume less. We are constantly working on improving our ability to recycle our raw materials, using biodegradable colors, and minimizing our Co2 and water consumption. 

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