My father made his first print in 1965. The concept is still the same – to find just the right solution that fits your task and at the best quality – which goes without saying. In other words, our company is based on the specific understanding of your needs as a customer. We emphasise reliability of delivery very highly, and it is important to us that you find it easy to be our customer.

A lot has happened since my father founded NS System back in the day. Today, we don’t just think in terms of print, transfers or embroidery. We deal with full solutions, where we ensure that you receive the right textile and marking to meet your needs – with high quality and timely delivery!

We have over 60 dedicated employees at our cutting-edge company in Frederikshavn, all of whom are skilled and have extensive professional knowledge. This helps improve the quality of our products and services, and lets us offer a product range that can provide visibility for you and your customers on all kinds of textiles.

Sustainable production NS System

As one of the 3 largest textile printing companies in the Nordic countries, we assume responsibility and lead the way. This also applies in relation to making the best products, relieving our employees of monotonous, repetitive work and ensuring that everyone is doing well and receives fair wages.  We want to lead the way and make sure that our production is sustainable.

The most important thing to us is that we work with raw materials and make products that are not harmful to the people who work with them, the people who use them and to the environment.

We are against buy-and-throw-away culture. With our products, we make sure that textiles are not discarded because the logo on the textiles is damaged