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QuickPrint is ideal if you need fast delivery and lots of colours at a great price. Order your prints before 11:00 a.m. and we will send them the next day.

Ideal when you want prints on T-shirts, sweatshirts and sportswear.

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Print with quick delivery and lots of colours - quickprint

Print with quick delivery

With QuickPrint, you will get your prints from one day to the next when ordering between 5 and 100 units. The number of colours does not affect production time nor price – so it is ideal if you need quick delivery, many colours and a great price. The process is quick and simple since all colours are printed digitally, and there is no limitation as to the number of colours!

This also means that there are no additional surcharges for the logo, and you do not end up with the white outline that is sometimes necessary for digital transfer, e.g. DigiFlex.

With QuickPrint, you can expect a transfer that is stretchable and feels soft and pleasant against the body.

Nice to know – about heat on

QuickPrint has the advantage that it must be heated at a low temperature (130-135°). This means that you don’t get shiny surfaces on most synthetic fabrics. Please note that QuickPrint needs to cool off for at least 13 seconds before removal of the foil and subsequent reheating.

The transfer is chosen often for basic clothing like:

- T-shirts

- Sweatshirts

- Sportswear

Print with quick delivery on sweat
Print with quick delivery on blue sweatshirt

print on clothing with quick delivery

Order your transfers before 11:00 am, and we will send the next day. 

You can order as low as just 5 pcs. QuickPrint. With a low minimum quantity, we aim to reduce a possible waste of resources when you only need a few units.

Quick info about QuickPrint

 - Minimum 5 units

 - Orders received before 11:00 AM are sent the next day

 - Heat transfer at 135 degrees

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