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We provide printing on material to businesses, industry, associations and events that want to signal their brand’s unique identity or messages as clearly as possible. This requires insight into all the different characteristics of the textiles and the unique methods and materials that can be combined to create the best possible expression and the most uncompromising sense of quality for those wearing the clothes. Therefore, our current cooperation partners include some of the most prominent companies across different industries, for which good craftsmanship, knowledge, stability and effective delivery are paramount


At NS System, we put sustainability at the top of the agenda. It is high time that the industries that can support it assume their share of the responsibility – and this is where we would like to raise the bar as high as possible for our common future, with the full satisfaction of our customers and partners.

UN Sustainable Development goal no. 12, sustainable consumption and production patterns

UN Sustainable Development goal no. 13, action to combat climate change

UN Sustainable Development goal no. 14, life below water

UN Sustainable Development goal no. 15, life on land

Quality printing on all kinds of clothing

NS System has always been one of the market-leading producers of textile print in the Nordic countries. In Denmark, we were the first to perform professional transfer print on textiles, and since then, our extremely specialised approach in producing textile prints of every conceivable kind has taken us to where we are today – a specialised, world-wide company with facilities exceeding 4,000 m2 and equipped with the best and latest technology within textile printing and logos on clothing

Tradition of quality

We are not a print company that handles prints across a broad range of media. On the other hand, we can offer some of the absolute best products within textile printing. Since we continuously have to live up to our own proud traditions and the expectations of our regular customers for delivering the best quality every single time, we need focused and in-depth insight into the needs of our cooperation partners and the technical options that exist for realising their exact needs. The understanding of these aspects is based on the personal dialogue that we establish with our customers and the comprehensive technical understanding within a niche area like textile print, which is based on half a century of experience. However, it is the ability to establish a connection between the need and the product which has made us the industry’s favoured textile print producer.       

We are ready to deliver textile print on all kinds of clothing. This includes everything from work wear to leisurewear for clubs and associations that want their message to come across clearly on a product which has been thought-through down to the smallest detail. This naturally requires a holistic understanding of textile textures as well as a comprehensive knowledge of how the different textile prints react to various surfaces and uses. 

This is precisely the knowledge that has made us one of the leading textile printing companies – not just domestically, but throughout the Nordic countries. To ensure the perfect result that covers the broad needs of our customer portfolio, we need an extensive arsenal of machines and specialised tools. Tools that are on the cutting edge of development and which allow us to carry out any kind of demanding task within modern textile printing in a professional manner. In our day-to-day work, we strive to find synergies between design, quality and technology, and our efforts are rooted in a focus on the people who actually have to wear the clothes we make. This is perhaps the key difference between us and other more general printing companies: We only make products that can be used and worn by people. Therefore, consideration for personal comfort and a sense of quality is essential to the work we carry out. 

Our expertise naturally covers everyday clothing, like T-shirts, jerseys and jackets. However, we also produce textile print on clothes used in connection with sports or for businesses that are very demanding with respect to the quality of the work wear. Here, the quality of the products we deliver is always based on a preliminary dialogue, so as to ensure that the choice of print and materials is ideal every single time.   

Become retailer for textile printing which is best in class.

Would you like to get the opportunity to provide the best textile print for your customers? At NS System, we are ready to enter into new and interesting collaborations. Our dealers sell logos and clothing to both B2B and B2C. We are particularly good at handling demanding tasks that can only be resolved with our combination of professional knowledge, techniques and 50+ years of experience within textile printing. Therefore, we are ready to supply work wear with print to virtually any conceivable kind of company, sportswear and brands. You get a cooperation partner that can back you with proud traditions within the craft, quality assurance, quick delivery – and with a guarantee for the best textile prints on the market. So, contact us if you want a specialised cooperation partner with the highest level of quality.