100 % satisfaction with NS Academy

by Nadia Nielsen

In the beginning of October NS System organized two additional NS Academies. The academy has now been held ten times and the customers are very satisfied.

We started organizing the NS Academy in 2014. The reason for this being that the customers have sought an opportunity to become better equipped to guide their customers in what kind of heat transfers are best suited for their textiles. So far, the academy has been held ten times with great satisfaction from the participants and the academy has been fully booked all ten times.

Why do the customers participate in the NS Academy

In the latest evaluation of the academies, the participants answer that they expect the following outcome:

  • - To be better suited for guiding their customers
  • - Get a better knowledge of NS Systems different heat transfers and how they are produced
  • - Get more tips on how to apply the heat transfers
  Charlotte Pii Rasmussen from Aalborg Flagfabrik states the following: ”…would like to know more about the product in order to be able to choose the right quality and, thereby, also be better at guiding the customers..”  

Great satisfaction among participants

The participants from the two latest academies have been asked how satisfied they were about the day at the NS Academy and on both days 100% of the participants were very satisfied.

  Charlotte Damtoft from Lyngsøe Rainwear states the following: ”the gain for me was fully satisfactory and I got the basic knowledge that I need to solve my daily tasks.”  
  NS academy recommend  

Overall, there is great satisfaction with the NS Academy, which we are very happy about. If you have not had the chance to participate at the NS Academy you will have the opportunity again in spring 2016 where NS System will open the doors for our customers for a new round of NS Academy.

In the meantime you can go to our E-academy and among other things learn more about which heat transfer is best suited for different textiles.