Niels Rask has been nominated for Ejerleder of the year 2015

by Nadia Nielsen

PWC will again this year announce the Ejerleder (Owning Manager) of the year, which they have done for years. This year CEO and Owner of NS System Niels Rask is among the nominees.

Every year PWC announce the Ejerleder (Owning Manager) of the year in cooperation with Nykredit, Dansk Erhverv, Jyllands Posten and the business organization Ejerlederen. Three finalists are chosen in each of Denmark’s seven regions. The winners in each of the seven regions will proceed to the national finals for Ejerleder of the year.

In Northern Jutland 10 nominees were selected and interviewed and based on these interviews the region's three finalists have been selected. Niels Rask has been through the personal interview and is among the nominees for Northern Jutland. The winner of the region will be announced on November 12th at Nykredit in Aalborg and will proceed to the national finals in Hellerup the 19th of November where the Ejerleder of the year will be announced. 

There are a number of criteria which the candidates will be assessed. To be considered for the price the company must have been established for at least five years and have a minimum of 10 employees. The company must be either a public limited company (A/S), a limited liability company (Ltd./ApS) or Associate company (P/S), have positive equity, as well as growth in gross margin in the last financial year.

Read more about the award Årets Ejerleder here (in Danish)