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UltraFlex is a silkscreen print transfer designed for industrially washed clothes. The result is a robust print with extreme durability.

Which types of textiles can UltraFlex be used for? 

UltraFlex is an all-round transfer, which can be used for many different types of clothing, but the print is mainly used for: 

  • - Industrially washed work clothes
  • - Work clothes subject to tough wear through use or washing


Due to the price, UltraFlex is often selected for clothing in the expensive end of the scale. We have customers from the sports industry, who appreciate the print, partly because of its durability, and partly because the transfer can be used for many types of clothing — including functional clothing.

What properties does UltraFlex have?

UltraFlex is very durable for repetitive industrial washing and is not affected by tumble-drying. In addition, the print has:

  •  High durability
  • - Good covering ability
  • - Moderate stretch ability

Are there other benefits with UltraFlex? 

UltraFlex is supplied on a hot peel film, which can be removed immediately after application, where after the print can be post heated at once. Both elements save significant time in the application process. Furthermore, the transfer is produced with environmentally friendly watercolours and is supplied down to 10 items.

Want to know more?

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