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SuperFlex: The perfect all-round transfer for work clothes

It’s also a strong serigraphic transfer that can be printed on many different types of textiles. It has good technical specifications and is therefore a print we recommend for use on clothing and other textiles to be able to withstand a high degree of wear.

On what types of textiles can SuperFlex be used?

SuperFlex is a strong all round transfer that is well suited for applications on work clothes. Work clothes are often subjected to hard wear because of being used a lot and because they are washed and dried at high temperatures. The transfer is used primarily for:

  • • Work clothes that are washed in household washing machines
  • • Textiles with longer life
  • • Textiles that are subjected to hard wear
  • • Textiles which are washed frequently and at high temperatures


Durability has been the focus in the development of the SuperFlex transfer and in terms of price, it is in the middle - so you get a very good transfer for the money.



What are the advantages of SuperFlex?

SuperFlex is a transfer with a colour surface, which better withstands exposure to everyday use and wear. At the same time, it has a flexibility that counteracts crack formation, and so it can withstand washing and drying at high temperatures.

Also, the print has the following characteristics:

  • • Good durability
  • • Good coverage
  • • Moderate stretchability


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Heat transfer and washing

SuperFlex is heated at 170°C–175°C, washed at 95°C and tumble-dried at 85°C. Must be washed and tumble-dried inside out to protect the print as much as possible. SuperFlex Vaskesymboler

SuperFlex comes on a hot peel film - which means that it must be peeled off right after the heating. This is a completely new film introduced on 1 August 2016. NB: remember that old stock will have a different film and thus should be heated differently.


If clothes are cleaned in an industrial laundry, SuperFlex can often be used, but it will depend on the laundry and the process used. We recommend using UltraFlex in such situations, which is specially developed and tested for industrial laundries. It’s more expensive than SuperFlex, but lasts longer under such circumstances.

Do you want to know more?

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