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Litho: Cheap digital transfer for high volume

Litho is a digital transfer we provide via one of our excellent associates. Litho is a cheap, quality alternative to DigiSoft, our own digital transfer, for large volumes.

On what types of textiles can Litho be used?

Litho can be printed on most types of clothes. We recommend printing on cotton and polyester – the materials many types of clothes are made of, e.g.

  • • T-shirts
  • • Polo shirts
  • • Running clothes
  • • Play clothes


Litho transfers can also be printed on man-made textiles, although we always recommend testing whether they can tolerate the heat before printing.

What are the advantages of Litho?

Litho transfers are ideal when a logo or image has a lot of fine detail, as it reproduces so well. Litho is also highly competitively priced for large volumes, and is very easy to heat transfer.

Derudover har Litho transferen: 
  • • Average stretchability
  • • Average coverage
  • • Moderate durability


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Heat transfer and washing

Litho transfers are heated to 150°C for 15 seconds. Remember not to remove the transfer paper before the transfer has fully cooled to avoid damaging the transfer. Litho transfers can be washed at 40°C inside out. They can also be tumble-dried, although only at low temperatures.

What you should be aware of…

When using Litho, remember that the minimum order quantity is 250 and lead-time is around 14 days.

Do you want to know more?

Download heat transfer instructions as PDF here.

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