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ElastoSoft: The perfect print for sportswear

OEKO TEX ESElastoSoft is the latest member of the select group of transfers we have in our product range. ElastoSoft is specially developed for stretchable and heat-sensitive textiles, which many types of sportswear are made of. It is the print that looks best, feels best and is most durable for sportswear.

Why do we recommend ElastoSoft for sportswear?

ElastoSoft is an all-round transfer. This means that it is well-suited to many types of clothing. The transfer is stretchable, soft and heat transfers at just 145°C, which is why this logo print is especially good for stretchable and heat-sensitive textiles such as:

  • •Team jerseys
  • •Running and cycling apparel
  • •Bags and umbrellas


We can also recommend it for the more traditional textiles, such as T-shirts, shirts and polo shirts. ElastoSoft is well-suited for printing onto all types of clothing that is worn next to the skin and where it is important for the print to feel comfortable.
When logos are applied to polo shirts we notice sometimes that the logo can be a little blurred at the edges. This is often due to the slightly coarse structure of the fabric. ElastoSoft will always appear nice and sharp. The reason is that the transfer is made from water-based inks, which are not affected by the structure of the fabric in the same way as other types of print.


What are the advantages of printing with ElastoSoft?

ElastoSoft is a thin, soft and extremely stretchable all-round transfer, which feels comfortable next to the skin.

The print also has the following characteristics:

  • •It can print at 145°C
  • •It is very durable, with excellent covering ability
  • •It's easy to heat transfer, partly because the transparent film can be removed while hot and partly because the transfer is not "ruined" by too much pressure
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The low heat transfer temperature also means that you do not have to worry about heat-sensitive textiles becoming shiny in the heat press. This often happens with synthetic fabrics when a logo is heat transferred onto them at too high temperatures.

What are the advantages of applying the heat transfer?

ElastoSoft is not affected by heat or too much pressure. This means that the logos always appear sharp after printing. 

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Moreover, ElastoSoft is a hotpeel transfer, which is synonymous with a reduction in application time. The reason for this is that the film must be removed immediately after heat transfer. In addition, the elasticity of the transfer is not affected by repeated washing and there is no transfer of colour during washing or tumble-drying. Always remember however to wash and tumble dry the textiles inside out.

What you should be aware of

ElastoSoft is specially developed for stretchable and heat-sensitive textiles, such as sportswear, and is thus one of the more expensive of our transfers. So if you are looking for a cheap print for your clothing and if high durability is not a requirement, then ElastoSoft may not be the right print for your needs. On the other hand, this print is the best there is for sportswear, for example running gear, which is extremely stretchable, worn close to the skin and which must survive repeated washes.
In order to ensure a good coverage, we always print a white patch behind the logo. You can't see this white colour once the logo has been heat transferred, and it ensures that the colour on your logo appears sharp. It does mean however that it is not possible to reproduce the finest, smallest details. The exceptions to this are logos in black, gold or silver, as the coverage of these colours means it is not necessary to print a white patch first.

Do you want to know more?

Download heat transfer instructions here

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