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DigiFlex: Inexpensive, quality digital transfer

DigiFlex is a digitally produced transfer, and the least expensive of all digital print. It is also highly versatile in relation to the different types of clothes it can be printed on.

Why is DigiFlex a quality, versatile digital transfer?

DigiFlex is our all-round digital transfer and can be used on most types of clothes. We recommend DigiFlex for textiles that:

  • • Are made of cotton, polyester or a blend of the same
  • • Non-stretch


DigiFlex can also be printed on various man-made textiles. In the event of delicate man-made materials, we recommend testing whether the material can tolerate the level of heat needed for printing.


What are the advantages of DigiFlex?

Because DigiFlex is digitally produced, logos incorporating images, multiple or small details are reproduced sharply. Logos with raster images can also be produced in high quality using DigiFlex. DigiFlex also has the following characteristics:

  • • Good coverage
  • • Moderate durability
  • • Low stretchability


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Another advantage of DigiFlex is that there are no limits when it comes to the number of colours in in a logo. The price is therefore not related to the number of colours when it comes to serigraphic transfers.

Heat transfering and washing

DigiFlex is heated at 160°C, wash at 60°C and remember to wash and tumble dry inside out. DigiFlex Vaskesymboler

When heating DigiFlex, remember to remove the backing film before heating a logo. Hold the transfer up and remove the film by gripping one corner and slowly separating film and tape. 

What you should be aware of…

DigiFlex has low stretchability and is therefore unsuitable for items such as sports clothes, e.g. running and cycling clothes. However, it is perfect for T-shirts and sweatshirts. We have a number of customers who use it for work clothes, but remember that durability is moderate. If applying a digital transfer to stretch textiles, we recommend DigiSoft, softer and stretchable plus comfortable to wear close to the body.

Do you want to know more?

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