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ColorSoft: Unleash your imagination and use the entire colour palette – without additional costs

Where previous heat transfers have had their limitations, ColorSoft provides you with the possibility to play with colours, structures and patterns – in a completely new and almost unlimited way.


Why choose ColorSoft?

ColorSoft is the right solution for those of you who want your branding to be different in detail and to be eye-catching.  If you set the requirements for colours, gradients, patterns and shapes, ColorSoft is the perfect heat transfer for you. There are advantages with using ColorSoft even with an “ordinary” multi-coloured logo.

ColorSoft is produced entirely differently than how a traditional transfer is manufactured, and this offers a number of valuable advantages, including with price and delivery lead times, as illustrated below:

What you'll get:     What you avoid:
  • Unlimited selection of colours
  • Simple pricing policy
  • 48h production time
  • Simple application with heat
    at low temperatures
  • A soft and comfortable transfer
  • Additional surcharges
  • Set-up fees for special colours
  • Additional charges for more colours
  • Long delivery lead times
  • White outline


On what types of fabrics can the emblems be used?

ColorSoft is a soft and comfortable all-round transfer that is suitable for almost all types of fabrics, especially for fabrics that are used close to the body.

We recommend ColorSoft for:

  • • Sort clothes and running gear
  • • T-shirts and sweatshirts
  • • AWork clothes that are washed at a max   60°

In addition, we also recommend ColorSoft for items made from fabric such as:

  • • Shirts
  • • Polo shirts
  • • Bags
  • • Umbrellas
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To those who are applying the transfer with heat

Before you apply the transfer with heat, be aware if there are any folds in the fabric, and if there are any remove them by closing the heat press for 5 seconds – and now you’re ready to apply the transfer with heat.

ColorSoft is applied with heat at 150°for 15 seconds. When the heat press opens, it is important that you allow the transfer to cool off completely before removing the foil by dragging away the foil starting at one corner and moving to the opposite corner.

To those who take care of the washing

ColorSoft can withstand up to 60˚C and dry tumbler heat at a low heat – both with the wrong side out – and light ironing on the fabric side (not the heat transfer side). Do not allow the fabric to lie crumpled in a wet/damp and warm condition.

ColorSoft does not tolerate bleaching agents, as it will cause the colour to bleach out.

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What you should be aware of

COLORSOFT transfer is best stored in the supplied plastic bags with zipper closures. If you tightly close your bags after use, you ensure the longest possible durability.

Do you want to know more?

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