Clothing from James & Nicholson

At NS System we supply clothing from James & Nicholson, just as we have been doing for almost 10 years. What characterises clothing from James & Nicholson is that they are of high quality, with an eye for detail. You can mix and match the products across the range, because the colours on the textiles they use are often the same, regardless of model or product group.

James & Nicholson is a German supplier of profile attire, and offers an exceptionally wide range of clothing that covers everyone, from businessmen and sports enthusiasts right up to tradesmen and craftspeople. There is also rich potential for everyone in the company to be dressed in specific colours and the style desired.

James & Nicholson supplies:

  • - Basic models in T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts
  • - Profile clothing, workwear, sportswear, outerwear and the like
  • - Fleece plaid 


Clothing from James & Nicholson is found in many different colours and in basic sizes. Selected models are available up to 3XL and 5XL. See the entire collection from James & Nicholson in the catalogue here.

Print on clothing

We have 50 years' experience with the application of logos on textiles and we are constantly striving to improve and expand our product range. When it comes to print on clothing from James & Nicholson, there is a wealth of opportunities for getting the expression you want. 

Depending on which model and what materials you choose, there are different types of print and marking that will suit the job best. Furthermore, the type of marking gives different effects, which can give you just that expression on the garment that the customer is looking for. The primary types of marking which we supply are:


Don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service department if you have any questions about which type of print is best suited to your clothing. You can find contact information here.

Daiber – James & Nicholson

James & Nicholson is one of two brands manufactured by the German company, Daiber. Daiber is part of the JCK Holding group, which has six different manufacturers in its portfolio. At NS System, we supply products from three of these manufacturers. Daiber, which manufactures profile attire and headgear, Halfar, which manufactures bags, and FARE, which manufactures umbrellas.  

Across the entire JCK group, and not least when it comes to James & Nicholson, design and quality are in focus and there is emphasis on following current trends and in stocking products, which are attractive for the desired target group. So there are always plenty of new products in their catalogues, which ensures a range that it up-to-date and attractive for the customers.

As a part of JCK Holding, Daiber, just like all the manufacturers in the group, must follow a Code of Conduct, which ensures that the company, as well as the entire group, works according to European legislation. Code of Conduct is a collection of social principles that guarantees, for example, that neither child labour nor harmful chemicals are involved in the manufacture, as well as that salaries, working hours and safety are of an acceptable standard.

PURE: Organic T-shirts you can easily make your own

PURE – a new T-shirt series introduced by James & Nicholson, consisting of a product line of T-shirts, for him, her and children, in organic cotton. The T-shirts are available in several fashionable designs and in a wide range of colours. The series is characterised by a casual look, with a fabric providing a soft and comfortable feel.

The PURE series has been developed with the focus on creating clothes that reflect messages and inner values – and that is exactly what you have the opportunity to take advantage of – by putting your own distinctive touch on “your” t-shirt. Products in the PURE series come with a “tear off” label in the neck that is easy to tear off and replace with your own message. Now you can sell them with your own brand and your message. We recommend that you make a print, that either you or we apply on the T-shirt with heat.

The PURE series – developed keeping the environment in mind

Products in the PURE series are made of organic cotton, which means that the raw material is produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers. At the same time, the product line does not contain genetically modified fibres – therefore they are good for both the environment and you.

As a manufacturer of the PURE series, James & Nicholson is a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), and just what does that mean?  Quite simply what this means that PURE products are manufactured according to the BSCI Code of Conduct, which deals with social responsibility matters such as:

  • establishing fair working conditions including fair remuneration for all employees
  • improving occupational health and safety including special protection for young workers
  • protection of the environment.

It is important for us at NS System A/S that you, as a dealer, can trade with us with a good conscience – and therefore all our fabric suppliers are also members of BSCI.

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