Transfer is the common name for a motif, text or similar which is printed on a special type of paper or foil and then transferred onto the fabric with the aid of a heat press. 

Transfers are one of the things we are best at, and we are passionate about constantly improving our technique. We produce both silkscreen and digital transfers, each of which have their own advantages and purposes they are best suited for.


A silkscreen transfer is produced using the traditional printing method, whereby the motif is produced by pressing the colour through a fine mesh stretched on a frame. Silkscreen transfers have been the heart of our business since we began to specialise in the method in 1980, and which we have consequently worked hard to improve. This also means that we now have a wide range of different silkscreen transfers, all of which have their own particular textiles and purposes that they are best suited to. 

A digital transfer is produced with the aid of a large printer, which prints the colour on a white foil. The motif is then cut into the desired shape. Digital transfers are growing steadily in popularity among customers, who appreciate the potential for larger orders and the high level of detail that can be added to their logo. There is also no limit to the number of colours that can be displayed in a logo. Digital transfers also come in different varieties, depending on the purpose.

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