Print on umbrellas: How do I get a logo on an umbrella?

Do you love the rain? We do! When it rains, the umbrellas come out... Around the football pitch, we shuffle closer together under the covers and carry on cheering regardless, and further away the streets are dotted with umbrellas in all the colours of the rainbow — this surely must inspire a smile or two! This article looks at the ways one might get a logo transferred onto an umbrella; both traditional printing methods and those that could make a rainy day just that little bit more pleasant.

The most popular placement of the logo would be on one or more of the umbrella's panels; this makes sense, as there is plenty of space and the logo will be displayed clearly when the umbrella is up. There are, however, other options, making the logo more visible when the umbrella is down. One might, for example, choose to heat transfer the logo onto the umbrella holder or onto the closing strap — adding a doming stocker to the handle is another possibility.

Which transfer would go on an umbrella?

Neither longevity nor stretchability is really important when considering prints on an umbrella. More important would be that the transfer be thin and flexible, in order that it works well with the thin fabric of the umbrella.

One option could be using our ColorSoft transfer, which is a digital transfer, perfect for reproducing photos, multi-coloured logos or colour and raster reproduction. Another alternative is the ElastoSoft transfer, which is also a thin transfer. Both types are perfect for heat-sensitive textiles, because they only have to be heated to 145°-150°.

Direct print is well suited for umbrellas

Direct printing is an old Chinese printing technique in which printing is made directly onto the textile, a method suitable for lightweight and lightly coloured textiles, since the print has a soft and pleasant surface. In terms of price, the best price for this printing method is usually related to large print runs.

Please note that on darker textiles a white background is always added first in order to ensure coverage. Direct printing is available in quantities from 96 pc. and the delivery time is approx. 4 weeks.

Use a doming sticker to add a logo to the umbrella

Using photo realistic doming stickers in brilliant colours and with a 3D effect renders the logo simultaneously very sharp and quite restrained. The 3D effect is achieved with an elastic, crystal clear resin, allowing for a lovely surface that is both durable and of a high quality. Doming stickers are available in quantities from 48 pc. and the delivery time, affixed to the umbrellas, is approx. 4 weeks..

Other exciting umbrella print options

Precipitation is just something you have to live with in Northern Europe, so let's make it fun and put a smile on the faces when the umbrellas go up! Choose between Wetlook, Colour Magic or all over print!

Tryk paa paraplyer wetlook

Umbrellas with the Wetlook print look plain at first sight, but the Wetlook printing technique means that the design on the umbrella will only become visible when it rains.
Wetlook is produced in the Far East and can be applied to all FARE models with polyester cover. Wetlook is available in quantities from 624 pc. and the delivery time is approx. 16-18 weeks.

Colour Magic printing means that in wet weather the print changes colour as the white print colour becomes transparent and a colour image becomes visible. Note that the base colour of the umbrella must be black. Colour Magic is available in quantities from 96 pc. and the delivery time is approx. 4 weeks. Tryk paa paraply color magic
Tryk paa paraply all over print

All-over print simply means that the motif is printed from edge to edge. Using sublimation printing, the motif is printed on a white polyester pongee fabric and stretched over a ready-made umbrella frame.
All-over print is available from as little as 48 pc. with a delivery time of 4-5 weeks.

We hope that you have found this article informative. As always, you are very welcome to send any comments or questions you might have to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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