Print on polo shirts – what type of prints can I place on a polo shirt?

Selecting the right print can be difficult, as this is determined by both the textile and its purpose. In this article, we will be taking a look at the types of transfer prints you can apply to a polo shirt. The polo shirt is a type of textile that is very popular in various business settings, as it is comfortable to wear and at the same time also looks better and is more formal than a regular T-shirt.

The safe choice for your polo shirt

The safest choice for a polo shirt is our Flock transfer. The finish is very attractive and durable, as this is a sturdier product with an exclusive look.

This transfer type provides the following advantages:

  • - Flock transfer offers 100% cover
  • - Flock gives you an exclusive look and attractive finish
  • - Flock enables a high degree of detail

Please note that any surplus colour in the textile can interfere with the Flock material, and that white and lighter Flock colours are more susceptible to dirt. Please note also that the minimum order for Flock is 50 units.

If you have a polo shirt in a more flexible textile, our ElastoFlock[link t/produktinfo] transfer may be a suitable alternative, since this is more stretchable than the regular Flock. Please note that this version can be washed at 40 degrees only, whereas Flock can be washed at 80 degrees.

The exclusive choice for your polo shirt

If you are looking for an even more exclusive and elegant look for your polo shirt, you may wish to consider Embroidery. Embroidery can be a little costlier, especially the first time, where an embroidery programme has to be created, but you do get a very pleasing and exclusive result, since: 

  • - Embroidery gives you 100% coverage
  • - Embroidery offers a high degree of durability


Please note that when choosing embroidery, very small detail may be difficult to reproduce.

The scope for detailing possible on a polo shirt may depend on how fine the weave of the shirt is. You should also note that if the polo shirt is very figure-hugging, the reverse of the embroidery can cause discomfort. 

The digital choice for your polo shirt

If your logo is a photo containing multiple colours, the perfect solution for your polo shirts could be our digitally-produced transfer, ColorSoft. A big advantage of digitally-produced transfers is that there are no start-up costs involved, and nor does the price depend on the number of colours used. Other advantages include:

ColorSoft 2018
  • ColorSoft is thin and soft - perfect for sports strip

  • - ColorSoft stretches

  • - ColorSoft covers well

  • - ColorSoft stands out clearly on polo shirts – even on coarse-woven cloths.

ColorSoft is an all-round transfer - perfect for many different types of textiles. Just heat up to 150° and it's easy to position, because the foil is transparent.

Please note that the foil cannot be removed before it is cold.

We hope that you have found this article informative. As always, you are very welcome to send us any comments or questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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