Fleece with logo – Can I place prints on fleece?

The simple answer is yes, followed quickly by the familiar BUT… Textile printing onto fleece is quite possible, but it is not the optimal solution, and here is why: 

The print is applied with the aid of heat, and the fleece is affected by the heat from the heat press. This means in practice that you will always be able to see an impression from the hot plate on the fabric. At the same time, the adhesive quality of the transfer is significantly reduced, because the logo is sitting on top of the opening. That is, the print does not get right down, and thus does not bind properly with the textile. Instead, the logo sits on the surface of the garment, and is thus more prone to crackling or being ruined.

Rather than printing, we recommend that you embroider or laser engrave onto fleece jackets, fleece tops and fleece blankets. While the use of embroidery is very widespread, most people are less familiar with laser engraving onto textiles. We ourselves are crazy about it, and there are more and more of our customers who are having their eyes opened to its potential.

Embroidery on fleece

Embroidery can be an expensive solution, particularly if it is the first time you are having it done, because a special embroidery program must be made. You are however assured a beautiful and exclusive result. 

  • - Embroidery provides 100% coverage
  • - Embroidery has high resilience


Be aware that finer details in a logo can be hard to reproduce. The level of detail in a logo also depends on what type of fleece one is embroidering onto – the more long-haired the fleece, the more possible it will be to apply finer details.  

Laser engraving on fleece

Another option is laser engraving. It is possible to laser engrave onto textiles containing polyester, and the best results are achieved when there is a minimum of 50% polyester in the clothing. Laser engraving entails removing the top layer of the textile by burning away the polyester. Depending on the colour of the fleece, the logo will then appear in a darker or lighter shade of the textile colour. 

Laser engraving also has the following qualities:

  • - Laser engraving has an exclusive appearance
  • - Laser engraving has a high level of detail
  • - Laser engraving has high resilience


It is not possible to laser engrave in colour - the logo will always be tone-on-tone. You should also be aware that motifs will look weaker on black or dark textiles. 


If you wish to add a logo to a microfleece jacket in strong colours such as orange, green or turquoise, you will get an exceptionally attractive result from laser engraving.

We hope that you have found this article informative. As always, you are most welcome to send comments or questions to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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