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Transfer onto umbrellas: How do I get a logo on an umbrella?

Logo on umbrella: what is possible and how do you set yourself apart with a printed umbrella? Read more about the traditional printing methods and other methods that will make a rainy day that little bit funnier.

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Printing onto nylon and rain gear – which prints can I put on nylon and rain gear?

When it comes to choosing what kind of transfers can be printed onto nylon and rain gear, there is not really any clear answer...


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Printing onto polo shirts – what type of prints can I place on a polo shirt?

Selecting the right print can be difficult, as
this is determined by both the textile and its purpose


Print on running and cycling clothing – Which prints can I use on stretchable textiles? 

Read more about which types of print are best for stretchable textiles such as running and cycling clothing, as well as what you should be aware of when selecting a print.


Fleece with logo – Can I place prints on fleece?

While printing onto fleece is quite possible, it is not the optimal solution. We recommend instead that you embroider or laser engrave the logo onto the fleece jacket.


Print on softshell – What type of logo can I use on softshell?

If you are in doubt as to which types of logo marking are best suited for softshell jackets, then read this article, where we offer a number of recommendations.


Print on work wear – which prints can I put on work wear? 

Which print can I put on work wear? When placing a logo on work wear, it is important to consider how the clothing will be washed. In this article we will focus on what types of print are best suited to work wear and why.


Print on a team jersey - Which type of print can I use for a team jersey? 

Do you want to know more about different options for putting a logo on a team jersey?  In this article we focus on which types of print that are suitable for jerseys - and why. 



Print on T-shirt – Which types of print can I put on a T-shirt?

Want to know more about different options available for applying a logo to T-shirts? In this article we focus on the types of prints that are suitable for T-shirts and why.



Why does the print tear or crack? 

Applying print with heat on clothing is relatively easy, but several things can go wrong in the process. Read more on how to recognise and avoid the most frequent errors.