About NS System

My father made his first print in 1965. The concept is still the same - to find precisely the solution that fits your task and in the highest quality. In short, our business is based on a solid understanding of your needs as a customer. We value supply reliability very highly, and it is important that you find it easy to be a customer of ours. A lot has happened since my father founded NS system. Today we think not only in terms of print, transfers or embroidery, but in all solutions, which ensures that you get the right textile labeling for your needs - in a high quality and delivered on time!

We have over 60 dedicated staff at our state of the art premises in Frederikshavn, all whom are skilled workers who have accumulated a vast store of knowledge. They have helped to elevate the quality of our products and services, and have enabled us to produce a product range that will make you and your customers visible on all kinds of textiles.

Today, we are one of Northern Europe's largest manufacturers of products creating visibility on textiles. That is part of the reason why leading chains in the branches of sportswear, promotional textiles and workwear have chosen us as their partner.



Niels Rask - CEO